mybioI see a seven year old shy kid wandering with a glass half full of red wine freshly tap from a barrel in a cellar that seems immense. It ‘a continuous flashback: that child is me and the cellar – which was not so great – it was my grandfather’s, in the Milazzo countryside, Sicily. I also remember my father with my grandfather and the farmer, doing an authentic ritual: the first tasting of new wine, that one made with grapes of our land. That’s great!

Since I’ve always passion and love for wine, for the harvest, for the intense scents of fresh must. And in the same way, I’m excited for those huge barrels that touched the ceiling of the cellar, and that feel me so much smaller. My grandfather and my father, unfortunately, died a few years ago, but in me remained intact love for this (once) mysterious liquid (white or red), but alive and true fruits of the land and the human work.

Since those days, a lot of water (pardon wine!) has flowed under and (above) the bridges. Now, Today I’m a journalist, a reporter strongly dedicated to modern and “not-formal” communication about wine on different media platforms and network. Acutually I have accumulated a lot of experiences and I am not here boring you to explain an usual curriculum. I graduated Sommelier and Master Class Sommelier from the AIS in Rome, I did some television reportages for the food and wine TV Magazine on Rai Tg2. Then I participated as a judge in national and international wine competitions and I still working as area coordinator for “ViniBuoni d’Italia”, an Italian Wines Guide specialized about native wines publishing by Italian Touring Club. However, in my opinion, the present and the future information and communication about world wine passing through the web: so I decided to bet strong on Wining, that’s a real and absolutely informal Web Magazine, online since January 2012, which tells the wine and food of our beloved Italy through stories and breaking news reportage.

So, since today, I want to offer you also to your goodwill care of those who still don’t know me The Wine Reporter, my authentic personal blog, exclusively dedicated to the wines and the world of Italian wine, genuine world-oriented. Many thanks for your attention. Hope you like it!